Mikayla: She looks startled but still shakes his hand, "Mikayla."

Artair: *squeezes your hand with affection and doesnt let go* Who is your godparent?

Mikayla: She stares at their linked hands, "Z-Zeus."

Artair: *looks into your eyes and sees your akward feeling* I'm sorry you are just very beautiful and i dont really know how to act around pretty girls *makes an apology face*

Mikayla: She blushes slightly and takes her hand away, holding it with her other, "I-It's fine...I-I just have a crush on someone..."

Artair: *looks away* Oh, I am sorry, I will levae if you want *starts to get up* 

Mikayla: She quickly shakes her head, "I-It's fine! Honestly..."

Artair: *sits back down* Alright, so what now Mikayla? 

Mikayla: She tucks her hair behind her ear, "Ummm, I don't know....any ideas?"

Artair: Want to go to town with me? We could go see a movie, if you want. *Smiles* 

Mikayla: She is hesitant again, "S-Sure."

Artair: *smiles* I could change into a bear and i could get you there faster than we could by walking

Mikayla: She looks surprised, "Y-You can?"

Artair: *smiles* Yep i can change into any bear. Any bear in paticular you want me to turn into?

Mikayla: She smiles for the first time since they met, "P-Panda!"

Artair: *turns into a Panda bear and nudges my head for you to get on*

Mikayla: She looks behind her, before climing on, clutching his neck

Artair: *starts walking and takes you through a shortcut and we are at the movies in a couple of minutes and i turn back into a human and help you off the ground before you fall*

Mikayla: She stumbles for a second before regaining balance, "T-Thanks."

Artair: What movie do you want to see?

Mikayla: "You pick."

Artair: Let's go see Les Miserables.

Mikayla: She tilts her head, "I've seen it though!"

Atair: *he leans in and kisses Mikayla*

Ethan: He's walking towards the movie theatre when he sees Mikayla and Atair "W-what? M-Mikayla!?" He looks like he's about to cry... yup, about to cry... :T

Mikayla: She turns around and sees him, "E-Ethan! I-It's n-not what you think!"

Artair: Wow! Your brother is pretty protective of you *smirks*

Mikayla: She looks back at him, "H-He's not my brother."

Ethan: "M-mikayla, is this your b-b-boyfriend?" He sniffles a bit

Mikayla: She looks back at Ethan and shakes her head quickly, "Nononononono!"

Artair: * looks at Mikayla* Well thank you for those words that help my self-esteem *I say sarcastically and he then looks at Ethan a little sad* Dude, dont cry, Mikayla is not my girlfriend, I came onto her a few times but she showed no interest in me. She even told me she had a crush on someone but i wouldn't give up. I am really sorry bro. *puts a hand on his shoulder* 

Ethan: He smiles "Thanks mate. It's just that, I really like Mikayla. She's beautiful."

Mikayla: She was looking down, and now she looks up at Ethan, "W-What?"

Ethan: "Yeah, I really like you. More than a friend." He blushes and smiles