Cél: He's walking around in the forest

Alexandrea: She is sitting behind a tree, writing something

Cél: He walks past the tree, singing Call Me Maybe XDDD

Alexandrea: She notices him and whimpers slightly 

Cél: He turns around and sees her, "H-Hey..."

Alexandrea: She looks down quickly, unable to form words

Cél: He smiles weakly, "A-Are you alright?"

Alexandrea: She continues looking down, still unable to form words

Cél: He walks towards her slightly, "H-Hello?"

Alexandrea: She squeals a bit as he comes closer and curls herself into a ball, wishing to go away

Cél: He looks startled, "U-Um...I-I'm not gonna a-attack you..."

AlexandreaL She looks up frightened

Cél: He takes a small step foward, "W-What's your name?"

Alexandrea: She shakes her head "N-Not supposed to talk to the likes of you people."

Cél: He crosses his arms, "Gay people? French people? Boys?"

Alexandrea: She shakes her head "No, no, well, yes. But, I mean the God's tools." 

'C'él: He tilts his head, "The Gods' tools?"

Alexandrea: She buries her head in her lap "The Gods are nothing more than shams who send their children to their deaths. They don't love you, yet, they use you."

Cél: he just looks at her, "Well they must care for us, since if we do die, they sometimes bring us back as nymphs. From the way you sound, you sound like a BC member." (DUH XP)

Alexandrea: She nods and continues to just have her head in her lap

Cél: He looks at her, "God parent?"

Alexandrea: "A-Aphrodite."

Cél: "Oh. Well, I'm not looking for any trouble, so I'm just going to go..."

Alexandrea: She continues to look down, whimpering

Cél: He walks past her, accidently stepping on her hand/leg/foot

Alexandrea: She squeals and trips him, becoming more frightened

Cél: He stops and looks at her, "I'm so sorry!"

Alexandrea: She can't help but squeal and become more frightened as he looks at her

Cél: He flinches, "Um...I'm sorry?"

Alexandrea: She begins to whimper, feeling frightened and threatened by him 

Cél: he blinks, I-I'm sorry..."

Alexandrea She continues to whimper and accidently releases phermones or w/e thaat makes him slightly attracted to her

Cél: He feels kinda attracted to her, "U-Um...d-did anyone say you look b-beautiful?"

Alexandrea She looks a bit confused

Cél: He snaps out of it kinda, "Stupid Aphrodite children..."

Alexandrea: "D-Did you just call me Stupid?"

Cél: "N-Not you...just...the powers Aphro kids have, they're kinda useless..."

Alexandrea: "S-So you think I'm useless!" She gets even angrier

Cél: He shakes his head, "N-Not...that much..."

Alexandrea: She slightly glares "S-So you do think I am useless?" She stands up

C''''él: He shakes his head

Alexandrea: "Then what are you saying?"

C''''él: "I-I need to go...I have my half-sister and boyfriend waiting for me..."

Alexandrea: She laughs a bit "Boyfriend? What a ridiculous thing. A boy can not feel love, and two in a relationship? What a joke."

Cél: he glares, "Well, I'm a boy, and I'm in love with one. Boys can feel love, oblivious to what you think."

Alexandrea: "It's not what I think. It's what I know."

Cél: "Well, I'm in love with Jalus, so you can so stuff yourself."

Alexandrea: She glares and goes to slap him 

Cel: He gets slapped, and memories of Laurent come back to him, and he begins to tear up

Alexandrea: She quickly grabs one of his arrows and slits his throat in an act of rage

Cel: His body goes limp before turning into a music nymph, and standing up, glaring at her