Puck: He stands in a forest, making countless weapons out of the air, and using them in combat, against the trees

Carly: Walks past him, her head down and doesn't notice him at all

Puck: One dagger goes flying across her face, he looks in the direction, "Shit. It always messes up on the daggers."

Carly: Whips around to face him What the fuck is your pro- Stops and stares at him in surprise

Puck: His glares softens slightly before making another dagger out of the air, and throwing it at a tree, "Guess who my god parent is yet?"

Carly: Glares at him, before putting her hands on her hips Well, seeing as you've given me no clues yet, no.

Puck: He laughs, making yet another dagger from the wind, and throwing it, "I'm making stuff from fucking air, got to be some clue in that."

Carly: Rolls her eyes Alright, Mister High and Almighty, do you wanna tell me or do you want to keep playing this stupid game?

Puck: He shrugs, "My mother is a powerful goddess."

Carly: I see you went with the second choice...And wow, that really narrows the options done.

Puck: He smirks, "What Goddess you thinkin' of?"

Carly: Sighs I'm going to take a wild guess and say...Artemis. Either that or Hera.

Puck: He smirks as she says Hera

Carly: Raises an eyebrow when she notices his smirk What? So she's your mother?

Puck: He grins and nods, hovering slightly in the air, "Yep. Hera, Queen of the Gods, famous virgin, fucked a mortal. Who'd knew?"

Carly: Defiantly not me, I wasn't expecting that.

Puck: He grins, "Another thing? I died, and technically, I'm cheating death. Your dad put me under a curse."

Carly: Looks surprised for a moment And you never told me any of this before because...?

Puck: "I don't talk about her much."

Carly: I just thought you would have at least told me about this a long time ago.

Puck: "I wouldn't."