Dean Neils was a middle-class man who lived in the industrial part of London. Living there for 20 years bored the 22 year old. He wanted to go somewhere else, so with the help of his parents and older sister, he gathered enough money to move to Honolulu, Hawaii. Whilst there, he was admired by many, mainly because he had an awesome accent, but because he was kind and caring.


When he was 25, Dean met the titaness Mnemosyne at a party, and instantly clicked with her. Nine months later, Dayton was born, and Mnemosyne left, telling Dean of her true nature. Dean raised Dayton the same way he was raised; to be charming and honest. When he was 28, Dean met Nyx, and had an affair with her, as he did with Mnemosyne. Again, nine months later, Kiana was born. Nyx stayed with Dean, Dayton and Kiana for three months, before leaving him. Dean was heartbroken that both Mnemosyne and Nyx had left him, and focused on his kids’ wants. Dayton grew up studying and being the smart nerd that people usually ignored, whereas Kiana grew up being the trouble making, popular girl. When they were 10 and 7, Dayton and Kiana were moved to foster care. Their father had taken an overdose one night, and was killed only an hour later.


Now in the foster home, Dayton and Kiana were closer, barley leaving each other’s side. When Dayton was 12, a harpy attacked him, nearly killing him; if it wasn’t for the son of Ares who happened to be around at the time of the attack. Whilst Dayton was in intensive care, Kiana became closed up, not speaking to anyone. During this time, Kiana was adopted by a happy couple. Dayton returned to the home to find his sister no longer there. When she was 12, Kiana was attacked by a hellhound. During the two years she spent with her adoptive mother and father, she had taken up judo, and fought the hellhound bravely. At the age of 15, Dayton met Kiana again at the local park. At first, they didn’t know who the other was, but after a few hours, they were back how they used to be; not leaving the other’s side.


Soon after they reunited, Kiana’s parents adopted Dayton, and moved to Chicago. There, the siblings’ adoptive parents found that note, left by Mnemosyne that she had left for Dean when she told him that she was a titaness. Mr and Mrs Stack got worried, that Dayton would put their daughter in risk. Soon later, they found the letter that Nyx had left, and know found about this place called ‘Camp Half-Blood’. They quickly decided that the two would go and live there, year round. So, on a family road trip, the two left Dayton and Kiana there, where they were soon claimed by their respective godly mothers.