Mikayla: She blushes, "R-Really?"

Ethan: "Y-yeah. I really like you, more than a friend." He blushes

Mikayla: She blushes so she's like super red, and she whispers, "Y-You too?"

Ethan: "Yeah. By any chance, would you like to be my g-girlfriend?" His face by now is probably red ad crimson xD

Mikayla: Her face has long passed that stage, "R-Really?"

Ethan: "Yeah."

Mikayla: She looks around quickly, before quickly kissing him, then standing back blushing :3, "T-That answer it?"

Ethan: He blushes beYOOOOOOOOND crimson bich xP "Absolutly. That was.... amazing." He grins stupidly

Layla: She blushes redder than Ethan (YOU WANTING HIM TO BE REDDER IS GETTING ON MA TITS!), "Yep. It was!" (take note how she isn't stuttering :3)

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