Helga Klein was the only daughter of a respectable member of the Nazi party. As a result of this, her father and his friends would often baby her, much to her dismay. Like her mother, Helga disagreed with what her father stood for, yet never spoke for herself. In 1929, when she was 19, Helga met Prometheus, who was in the disguise of a man named Alexander. One thing lead to another, and Helga found herself pregnant and Alexander gone. Helga, scared of what her father would think, only confided in her mother, Nathalie. Nathalie, having converted from the Jewish faith before marrying her husband, shared the mutual feeling of the dislike of the Nazi party, promised to keep her daughter's secret a safe one.

Soon the secret couldn't be held for long, yet Helga's father embraced the upcoming child with warm arms, and threw a party, in celebration of his daughter bearing a child who would someday bring Germany glory. To both Nathalie and Helga's surprise, Adolf Hitler showed up the party, and gave Helga his blessings. Once the whole party was over, Helga went out with her mother, to her grandmother's house, and cried about the whole thing. On the 1st January 1930, Evelyn was born.

Helga and Nathalie both raised Evelyn. Growing up, Evelyn had mixed views over Nazism due to her grandfather taking an interest in teaching her the ways on how Germany worked.