Warning! This is not canon, this is only for mine and Tori's own amusement, meaning, Jyder has not split up.

Ryder: He starts to smoke (idk XP)

Jagger: wrinkles his nose a bit I thought you stopped...

Ryder: "No. Who told you that?"

Jagger: shrugs I said I thought you did. No one told me.

Ryder: He shrugs, throwing tha ciggeh away and getting out a shard of glass

Jagger: eyes widen W-what are you doing with that?

Ryder: He shrugs and pulls it down his arm, cutting himself, "Answer your question?"

Jagger: You idiot! What the hell! takes the shard out of his hand quickly and throwing it to the ground

Ryder: He pretends to look innocent, "What?"

Jagger: growls Don't you play innocent. What were you thinking! grabs Ryder's arm and presses his sleeve to the cut

Ryder: He pushes Jagger off him and glares, "I'll play whatever I want to play."

Jagger: glares back for a moment before shoving Ryder

Ryder: He grins evilly, "Awww? Sassy bitch scared to play hardball?"

Jagger: continues to glare at him Sassy bitch? Oh no, I'm so hurt. Well, guess what, dipshit. I'm not scared at all.

Ryder: He laughs and punches Jagger across the face :3

Jagger: steps back a bit from the hit before punching Ryder in the gut hard

Ryder: Since one of his powers is that he isn't affected by physical attacks for a small while, he isn't hurt, "So bored."

Jagger: punches Ryder again, but, seeing as it did nothing to him, stops You fucking jerk wipes blood off his nose

Ryder: He smirks, "I said I was one, didn't I?"

Jagger: Yeah, but you were never one to me. Well, until now.

Ryder: His smirks falters slightly, "And that means?"

Jagger: You were never a jerk to me, until like 5 seconds ago, And you know what? I'm done.

Ryder: His smirk is back to normal, "Fine. Be like that. You were too whiney anyway."

Jagger: bites his lip I'd rather be whiney than be a total asshole to everyone I meet.

Ryder: He shrugs, "To each of their own."

Jagger: stares at him Do you just not even care about anything

Ryder: "What should I care about?"

Jagger: We've just broken up and you're acting like you've wanted it to happen since the beginning.

Ryder: He shrugs, in audible, cause really he's upset inside :c

Jagger: laughs sadly Wow, you know, I thought you'd at least fight for me or something...Guess I was stupid, huh?

Ryder: He looks over at Jagger

Jagger: Well, I guess I should stop wasting your time turns around and begins to walk away

Ryder: He watches for a few second before running after him, grabbing his hand and turning him around

Jagger: looks shocked What do you want?

Ryder: He looks down and whispers, "Y-You."

Jagger: shakes his head Stop trying to play games with me...I'm tired of it.

Ryder: He looks down again and lets himself cry a tear, "B-But.."

Jagger: looks at Ryder for a moment before blinking in shock Are you crying?

Ryder: He looks up, exposing his tears :c

Jagger: Don't cry, please don't cry hesitants for a second before hugging him gently

Ryder: He hugs back whispering, "B-But I don't wanna lose you.."

Jagger: looks confused But

Ryder: "Was being stupid."

Jagger: is silent for a moment But I thought you hated me...

Ryder: "I would never. Ever. Hate you."

Jagger: hugs Ryder tighter, about ready to start crying

Ryder: He hugs him back equally as tight, "I Love you."

Jagger: I love you too...I'm sorry, Ryder.

Ryder: He kisses Jagger's cheek, "I'm more sorry."

Jagger: looks down I know, but I was the one who overreacted.

Ryder: He bites his lip, "Remember when I asked about the marrying thing?"

Jagger: nods Yeah, I do. Why?

Ryder: He smiles and reveals a small ring, "Can you guess now?"

Jagger: eyes widen and he gapes at Ryder, before smiling Y-you really want to marry me?

Ryder: He nods, "S-So...will you?"

Jagger: stares at him for a moment Of course! before kissing him

Ryder: He kisses back as he puts the ring on Jagger's finger, picking him up, and spinning around :3

Jagger: Smiles into the kiss, wrapping his arms around Ryder's neck and laughing as they spin I love you so much.

Ryder: "I love you more Jaggy."

Jagger: Nope, love you more.