Name: Lime Ishi

Lime Ishi, The crazy psycho killer of District 2.

Age: 14

District: 2

Personality: Ah, Lime, The crazy psycho girl from District 2. Always hurting you if you annoy her. Lime smiles at the most gory and bloody things. She gives evil stares at people or things she hates. Lime was named after Limestone which is easy to scratch off, totally not like her.

Weapon: Ninja knives and ninja stars

Strengths: Hand-To-Hand Combat, Aim, Assanation

Weaknesses: Plant Knowledge, Swimming, Slight mental problems make her get ahead of herself.

Backstory: At age 7, Lime took an interest in a female tribute from 2 and trained to be like her with the weapon she thought was perfect. Everyday she would talk about winning the Hunger Games. This annoyed her mom, she grabbed Lime's hand and yelled at her and sewed her lip's together, No, Stop! Mommy, It hurts! Was all Lime said before she couldn't speak. At age 10, Lime got a little mental which feared the others in 2 and they went away from her. She started cutting at 11 and a group of popular girls called her weird and Lime broke some of their bones, she was nice enough not to kill them. At the reaping, age 14, Lime had a white sundress on with blood stains and had scars and cuts on her skin. Her lips were sewn tight and her hair was in two black ponytails. She was called to the stage and smiled at the crowd. Lime would want to be the career leader or she will kill the other people in the group. Her killing style is ninja like.