Name: Mint Lamiaceae

Mint Lamaiaceae, The deadly girl from 11.

Age: 15

District: 11

Personality: Mint isn't the regular sweet, innocent, district 11 girl. She has trained hard like a career when she was 6. Mint is usually always the leader and if she isn't she will hurt, or even kill you. She is rude, snobby, and mean. If Mint keeps this up she might even join the careers, or even better be the leader and win the game.

Weapon: Spear

Strengths: Plant knowledge, Hand-To-Hand Combat, Camouflage

Weaknesses: Swimming, Frigophobia

Backstory: When Mint was born she didn't cry and she knew how to walk, an odd child no one liked, not even her parents. At age 7 when she was trained she killed her family. She never went to school because she refused and her parents couldn't say no because they were afraid of her. Mint always walked down the farm and when someone called her something or threatened her she had them pinned down and a bone broken. She has been whipped lot's of times but only enjoyed the pain. Mint also wants to kill someone by sucking on their neck and suddenly ripping it off with her teeth. At age 15 Mint voulenteered because she thought she would never enter the game which excited her.