Name: Oren Nelleti

Age: 15

Mother: Pandia/Cybele/Athena

Father: Nicholas Nelleti

Siblings: Pandia's Cabin, Sophie Nelleti (twin) and Emma Nelleti


Personality: Oren's very much sporty and the popular one out of the twins. He's generally honest and it comes off as rude at times. He has a good heart deep down, and when he's with Sophie, he gets really mischievous and jokey. Out of him and Sophie, he's usually the one who gets told off more. He's also been described by Sophie and Emma as being mean to them.

History: Nicholas Nelleti was just out of High School, 19 years old. He was a meteorologist. He met Pandia one summer night while on the beach. Pandia was beautiful, which caused him to seduce her into having an affair with him. She stayed for 4 months and then she left. About 5 months later Oren and Sophie showed up on his doorstep. Sophie and Oren were his newly born twin children.

Oren and his sister had a good life. When they were two, their father had another daughter with Athena, who he named Emma. Both him and his twin were active, always taking part in both sports and academic activities. In this period of time, they were diagnosed with ADHD, and Oren further with Dyslexia. Soon later, Emma was diagnosed with ADHD.

As he went through school, Oren became more sportier rather than academic or artsy, and became popular among his year.

When Oren and Sophie were 15, and Emma was 13, they were attacked by a harpy. A hunter of Artemis who was on a quest with some other demigods, killed the harpy for them, after all three nearly perishing to the monster. Later, the hunter brought the three children back to their father. Nicholas told them to go with the hunter, who's name was revealed to be Elisandra. The hunter explained to the three what they had just gone through, and at first, the three seemed confused at first, but eventually, they understood. Then, Elisandra asked Emma if she wished to join the hunters, and Emma agreed, on a simple condition; she stayed with her siblings. Elisandra went on to agree, and Emma said the pledge, and the hunter escorted the three to Camp. Almost as soon as they walked in, they were claimed by their respective mothers. Oren and Sophie got necklaces that attached and turned into twin swords. Oren's sword was called Caster, and Sophie's Dorth. Whilst Emma had a bow and arrow, she also recieved a sword which matched her siblings', that she named North.