-Name: Peyton Brooks

-Age: idk yet

-Mother: Hecate/Asteria/Mnemosyne

-Father: Davis Brooks

-Step-mother: Harriet Brooks

-Personality: Peyton loves to flirt, even in the most obvious and cheesiest ways. He seems vain at first, but he generally does have a heart of gold, and will do anything for someone he loves. As well as being flirty, he's also a hopeless romantic.

-History: Davis Brooks was meant to be dead. Should have been dead. And in the eyes of some; will be dead. He had missed a mass gang attack on his workplace. Working in a bank, he always expected a raid on the money stored within, yet as each day passed, he grew more relaxed, and the worry of a pending attack vanished, leaving confidence in the shell of fear. The raid started when the glass doors were shot down, then it was only just the task of keeping those inside contained whilst the extraction needed to be completed. At that point, Davis had already decided he wasn't going to be a victim of said attack, and had began to make his way to the exit at the back of the bank. Whilst trying to sneak away, one of those raiding saw him, and began to fire. Luckily for Davis, said raider had poor aim, giving him a better chance of escaping. As he slipped through the door, a bullet hit his left arm and left side. He carried on running until he got to his parents' house, where they then took him to hospital.

Once out of the Hospital, he decided to move away from America, and soon went to Berlin, Germany. There, he began to take an intrest in watching magic.