You may be wondering what my story is. It's pretty simple, and funny in my view.

I was born in Bordeaux, France on the 31st October, 1992. My birth name is Quinnette Rousseau-Dubois, but that name just sickens me to death. I basically grew up with a slutty dad who met Eris at a party, and brought her home, knocked her up and thus, I was born. When I was 5, he got married and had my younger siblings; Joy and Harris. I grew up fine, playing outside, being the 'happiest girl in France!'. That was, until I was 12, and a hellhound attacked me, and I met a girl named Michelle. Though I never knew, until I was 16, she was a satyress, and helped me flee from the hellhound, despite falling over and knocking my head, making me estranged forever.

I became best friends with this Michelle, and when I was 16, I was taken to Camp, and was claimed as a daughter of Eris. I loved America, I lost my French accent, and loved to skip around in the forest. A discord nymph named Kyro told me that Michelle wasn't my friend, and didn't like me, and my parents knew and laughed at my expense. So, I went back to France to kill my Dad and his wife. Though, when I got there, he was alread dead. The note beside me told me that Eris had killed them, and I reminded her of Thetis; the one who didn't invite her to her wedding. Rage bubbled inside of me, and I took a few possesions of my parents; my father's wedding ring, and my step-mother's dress. At this time, my younger siblings were legally moved to live with my aunt, Aureli. I ran to Monaco, and married some 50 year old dude to leech money off. When I was 19, I left him and Monaco, and moved to America. There, I legally changed my name from Quinnette Babindeaux, to Quinn Black, after my idol, Bellatrix Lestrange.

I thought about how useless the mortals were, and how the gods have new demigod children, to replace the ones before who died. I wanted to go somewhere, where my views were shared with others. So, on my 20th birthday, I came across the Sanctuary, and joined the Broken Covenant, after fighting two hellhounds.